EPDM Roofing, Elastomeric Roof Coatings, and Which is Right for You

Are you looking to apply a new coating to your business’s flat or gently sloping roof? If so, you may have come across the terms “EPDM coating” and “elastomeric coating.” These are two of the most popular roof coatings for commercial and residential roofs, and if you are looking for a new roof, you’ve probably considered using one of them for your next project.

But, choosing the right coating means finding what best suits your needs. If you’re not sure what the difference between EPDM roofing and elastomeric coatings is, you can’t make that decision. To help you pick, let’s take a look at what makes them different and when one might be better than the other for your business’s roof.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Roof Coatings

One of the first things you might not realize is that Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer—or EPDM, because that’s such a mouthful—is a type of elastomer coating. Unlike elastomeric coatings, though, EPDM doesn’t have the same elastic properties that an elastomeric coating has because it’s a different formula.

Rather than an elastic texture, EPDM is a synthetic rubber. It comes in both sheets and as a liquid coating, making it versatile and applicable to a whole host of surfaces. You can layout sheets of EPDM on your roof and then seal gaps with a liquid coating. However, because EPDM is rubber, it’s a little more rigid than elastomeric coatings. If you’re looking for something more durable but less flexible, we recommend an EPDM coating.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

The second roof coating you may have heard of is an elastomeric coating. Compared to EPDM, elastomeric roofing has a few additional benefits that make it an attractive choice for many buyers. Thanks to its more elastic consistency, this type of roof coating is more flexible. Flexibility in a roof coating allows it to shift and absorb impacts more readily. Compared to a less flexible EPDM roof, an elastomeric roof coating can withstand temperature changes and damage for a longer period because it will flex throughout its lifetime.

Elastomeric coatings are suitable for homes that get a lot of sunlight. If you live in an open area, your roof absorbs a lot of UV radiation throughout its life, which can cause the roof to deteriorate more quickly. Elastomeric coatings and stand up to this weathering for longer without drying out and cracking.

Which Coating is Right For Your Roof?

Both EPDM and elastomeric roof coatings are wonderful additions to your roof. They’ll provide years more life and keep you from having to replace your roof for several decades. Picking which is right for you comes down to what you need. If your roof is susceptible to long periods of sun exposure and falling debris, an elastomeric coating might be more suited to your needs. If you want something more rigid and rubbery, an EPDM roof coating is what you need. Consider which option will be more easily applied and what is most compatible with your roof.


Deciding to apply a new protective coating is an excellent way to repair and restore your business’s roof. Whether you choose an elastomeric coating or an EPDM coating, you’ll find that your roof stands up to rain and snow, the sun, and extreme temperature changes far better than before. Both choices are easily applied, but if you want help finding the right roof coating for your property, we recommend speaking to a professional. They can help assess your roof and inform you as to what will best protect your building.

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