Why Choose Liquid Rubber Coatings for Your Roof

Decades of experience in roofing materials has shown that liquid rubber coatings are an ideal choice for flat buildings, or buildings with very low-pitched roofs. But do you know why? Liquid rubber like EPDM is a great way to add protection and weatherproofing to any roof covering, but the benefits extend far beyond weather proofing. The advantages of this material include:

  • Flexibility: As temperature changes it causes buildings to contract and expand, roof materials can crack over time. But by providing a flexible surface that contracts and expands without cracking, liquid rubber coating protects your roof from this problem.
  • Weather, chemical, and impact resistance: This type of coating is designed to withstand the most common environmental factors that cause damage in roof materials. UV rays, water, hail, and pollution are all things that a rubber coating can protect your roof from.
  • Non-slip surface: If you have rooftop work that needs doing, such as duct repair, a liquid rubber coating provides grip to the surface to reduce injuries and accidents.
  • Insulation: Adding any sort of layers to your roof is just more insulation, which keeps out cold air and hot air. That means that you can lower your heating and cooling bills. This coating also helps reduce cooling bills in the hot months because it reflects UV rays away from the building.
  • Sound Proofing: If the roof of your building is used for events, or you frequently have work going on on the roof, you can add a layer of sound proofing to keep your upper floor rooms a bit quieter.
  • Non-conducive: Rubber coatings are non-conducive, which means that they do not conduct electricity. That means you are safe from electrical storms and you can better prevent work accidents.
  • Fire proof: Rubber coatings are fire resistant, and if they do catch fire, they burn incredibly slowly. This gives you more time to protect your building and everything inside should there be a building fire.
  • Non-permeable: Anything that lands on your roof, from water to dirt to oil, and any other element that may end up on the roof, will be prevented from seeping through to the roof itself. This protects your building and stops unsightly stains.

Easy and Affordable Liquid Rubber Coating

Beyond the many benefits listed above, liquid rubber coatings are often one of the most affordable options for protecting the roof of a large commercial or residential building. This covering is easy to apply, which means the labor costs are also low, and because this type of coating requires very little maintenance, you won’t have to worry about spending more money in the future. This coating simply requires an installer to spray the material onto the roof, and then leave it to dry. That’s it!

That means that you can get your roof protected very quickly, knocking a big to-do off your list, and without blowing your budget or sacrificing quality. There is no reason to forgo a liquid rubber coating for any roof you want to protect.

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