EPDM Flat Roof Repair Tips

If you have a flat roof that’s been damaged, make sure you fix it with EPDM. The following flat roof repair tips will make it extremely easy to do so.

Check the Weather Before You Begin a Flat Roof Repair Job

This may seem obvious, but it’s important enough of a step that it’s worth pointing out before we move on. Even if the damage to your roof is severe and you want to repair it ASAP, you need to check the weather first.

Worstcase scenario, you may need to throw down a tarp until the weather clears up and you can do your flat roof repair correctly. Do not rush this process or you may be repeating it shortly.

We’re not just talking about rain, either. You don’t want it to be too windy or you’ll struggle.

Ideally, the temperature should be around 55 degrees or higher. One of the great things about liquid EPDM is that it will work fine in any conditions, but at this temperature, it will cure a lot faster.

Prepare Your Roof

After checking the weather, the next thing you need to do is properly prepare your roof. If there’s a lot of damage, this may require a fairly involved process. At the very least, though, you want to clean the area. Even small pieces of debris can become a problem after the EPDM is applied, so sweep up and confirm that the roof is clear before proceeding.

Make sure it’s nice and dry, too.

Apply Your Liquid EPDM

With these steps done, you can now proceed with your liquid EPDM flat roof repair job. As a final check, be sure you have enough EPDM for the job. The container will tell you how much of an area it can cover, so measure the area one more time before beginning.

Unless it’s a small enough job that you can simply spray it with EPDM or squeeze it out of its container, you’ll have to do some mixing before application. Do so according to the directions.

Then you simply have to apply it to your roof as you would paint. You’ll probably notice that EPDM begins to cure almost immediately, so this will be a quick job, but you’ll want to make certain you do a whole section all at once.

Plan the project out so that you won’t paint yourself into a corner. Even though it cures quickly, you should avoid stepping on EPDM once it’s on your roof. Just begin on one side of the roof and keep painting until the only section left is the last one before you take the ladder down.

However, most people will leave enough room to make certain they can safely exit the roof. Then just go back up there the following day and finish the job while standing on EPDM that has already cured.

As you can see, handling a flat roof repair with EPDM is easy. It just takes a little planning. After that, you’re basically just applying paint to the surface below you.