EPDM Liquid Rubber Roofing FAQ

No matter what kind of building we’re talking about, the roof usually doesn’t get a lot of thought.

Sure, it’s important – vital, actually – but it tends to get a lot less attention than other features.

That is, until something bad happens to it. When a leak shows up, you’ll have a hard time thinking about anything other than your roof, for example.

Fortunately, if you’re trying to decide on an option, EPDM liquid rubber roofing has proven itself to be head and shoulders above the competition again and again. If you’re considering it, the following FAQ should help you with your decision.

What Is EPDM?

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It’s a synthetic form of rubber that can be applied as a liquid but then cures and hardens. You will also find it sold as a solid, but we’re only going to cover the liquid version in this FAQ.

How Much Does EPDM Liquid Rubber Roofing Cost?

This is a common question, although it’s a difficult one to answer. There are simply too many variables involved to generalize what it will cost to have EPDM applied to your roof.

That being said, it usually costs a bit more than the average options. At the same time, given the value you’ll receive, most people would say it’s definitely worth it.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Likewise, there’s no way to give a definitive answer to this one, but it’s usually going to be a much quicker process than other roofing installations. This is because liquid EPDM can be applied like paint. You literally just need to mix it with water and then use a brush or roller to slather it on your roof.

Whether you plan on doing this by yourself or hiring a professional, the liquid only takes about a day to fully cure. It’s also an extremely quiet process, which many people appreciate considering how loud the alternatives can be.

Is EPDM Liquid Rubber Roofing Used for Residential Properties?

Yes, you can absolutely use EPDM roofing for residential homes. The liquid version can be applied below the shingles. People often use this material to do repairs, as well.

EPDM is also fantastic for commercial properties. The flat surfaces of many of these buildings make it extremely easy to apply this liquid, but it also works just fine on vertical surfaces.

What About My Climate?

No matter where you live, your climate will not be an issue. EPDM has been tested in conditions too extreme to even be realistic and never had a problem. Whether your roof will face blistering summers or brutal winters, EPDM will not break.

How Long Does It Last?

Studies have been done on EPDM roofs and found that after even 30 years, the material was as good as new. It’s not an exaggeration to say this may be the last roofing application you ever use.

Hopefully, this has answered your main questions about EPDM. While you may have to see it to believe it, at least you now have the information required to understand it’s the best choice for your roof.