EPDM Roof Coatings Provide the Protection You Need

When you have a home or business, you want to take precautions to make sure it is safe and sound all the time. You make sure the electricity and the plumbing are working properly. You have locks and alarms. However, you might not think about the roof very often. This can lead to some issues though. Just because the roof is out of sight does not mean it should be out of mind. You need to take the time and put in the effort to care for your roof if you want to make sure it lasts. Fortunately, this is easier today than you might think. You can use EPDM roof coatings. They can help in a number of ways.

Waterproof the Roof

Naturally, one of the biggest dangers for any roof is the possibility of developing a leak. A leak, especially when it goes undetected, can cause some serious damage to the structure of the roof and the walls. It can also become a breeding ground for mold, which could cause healthy issues. When you have EPDM roof coatings, the Liquid Rubber provides a barrier that will keep the water from getting into any cracks or open seams that might be on the roof. If you have noticed some leaks, or you are concerned about the potential of leaks in the future, this product can help you.

Energy Efficient

Here is something many people do not consider, but the EPDM roof coatings have the potential to be good for energy efficiency as well. Most of the time, you will find that the product comes in white. This could be a good option for homes and businesses that have areas with hot summers and relatively warm winters. It will help to reflect sunlight, which can keep things cooler inside of the building. EPDM roof coatings are available in black as well. This might be a good option for someone who is in a colder environment. It will do a better job of absorbing heat and it could lower the cost of heating slightly.

Highly Durable Coatings

The EPDM roof coatings also happen to be very durable, which means they have the potential to last for many years without reapplication. Naturally, this means it is a cost-effective option. A single coat could last for 20 years or more. Even though it is durable and can withstand temperature changes, you will still want to get up on the roof occasionally. Clean it off and look for any potential damage from debris.

Easy Installation

People also love the fact that they will have easy installation with the EPDM roof coatings. It goes on similar to how you would apply paint. It is a liquid and once it is on, it starts to dry and cure into the rubber membrane that protects the roof. You do not have to hire anyone to install the coating, as it is a good and easy DIY project for most people. Just make sure you follow the instructions.