Biggest Benefits to Using Liquid Rubber

Both commercial and residential properties could stand to gain quite a few benefits if they utilize Liquid Rubber. This product has been on the market for a number of years, and it has shown just how helpful it can be for many different types of roofs. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits that it can offer.

It’s Easy to Apply

One of the biggest benefits that this product offers is the ease of use. Even those who have limited DIY experience should be able to apply Liquid Rubber to their roof provided they follow the instructions. If you have a relatively small roof – 5,000 square feet or less – it is possible to apply it just using a paint roller in most cases. Those who have larger roofs will want to use an airless sprayer so they can cover more space quickly.

It’s Cost Effective

Liquid Rubber is also cost effective. You will generally only need to have a single coat of the product on your roof to get the protection you need. This means that you need less of the product, and that it takes less time to install. It also has the potential to last for several decades without any worry. Even if you were to hire someone to install the Liquid Rubber for you, it will pay for itself since it can last so long.

Stands Up to the Weather

Whether you live in a climate where the temperatures drop to below freezing in the winter, or you are contending with the hot sun year round, Liquid Rubber can take it. It is flexible so it can give and take as the temperatures change and cause the roof to contract or expand.

No Nasty Odors or Fumes

One of the problems that you may have noticed with other types of roofing sealants is the terrible odor that they can give off. Not only are those odors unpleasant, in some cases, they are actually toxic. This means you might have to keep your windows closed until the odor dissipates, or it might be so bad that you have to leave the property for a while.

Liquid Rubber doesn’t have that problem. There are no toxic odors, and you will find that the product will cure quickly, as long as your daytime temperatures are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When it cures, it will actually chemically fuse to the surface of the roof.

Say Goodbye to Leaks

If you have a small leak, a crack in the roof, or you are worried about the possibility of leaks, you will love Liquid Rubber. It goes on quickly, and the waterproofing benefit starts immediately. When you have this coating, it is akin to armor for your roof. You will not have to worry about leaks and water damage.

With all of the benefits that Liquid Rubber can offer, it is easy to see why it is popular with commercial properties, and why it is starting to become more popular with residential properties as well.

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