When Roof Repair Is Not Enough: Signs You Need a New Roof

In some cases, roof repair is all you need to get your roof back in shape and stop leaking. However, with some types of damage, and damage that has been building for months or years, roof repair is not enough. In those cases, you will need to have a replacement instead. If you have been trying to figure out whether you could get by with a repair or if you need to have a replacement, the following are some of the most common signs that a new roof is in your future.

How Old Is the Roof?

Most of the time a roof will last for around 20 to 25 years. The older the roof is, the longer it has had to deal with all of the elements. They can place quite a bit of wear and tear on the roof. If your roof is a couple of decades old, there is a good chance that you will need to have a new roof, although some roof repairs may be able to help you get a few more years out of the current roof.

Valleys on the Roof

If there are areas of the roof that are dipping and buckling, it can cause the shingles to break and fall away. It can also serve as an area where snow and rain will gather, increasing the chance of getting a leak. Some contractors may be able to provide roof repair for this area, but in these cases, there tends to be a number of other issues with the roof, and a replacement could be in order. Get an opinion from a couple of different contractors so you can see which option will be most effective.

Separating Boards

Head into the attic during the daytime and look at the ceiling. If you can see slivers of daylight slipping in between the boards of the roof, it means that they are separating and you are susceptible to leaks. Most of the time, this means you need to have a roof replacement. This is more typical with older homes, and repairs will not typically work because they would be too extensive – replacement over roof repair is generally the only choice.

Keep an Eye on the Roof

If you aren’t to the point where you need to have a new roof yet, make sure you have the roof repair you need, and take some extra steps to improve the quality of your roof. For example, adding sealants could be a good way to reduce the chance of future leaks. In addition, having an inspection of your roof every couple of years will ensure you are on top of any issues. You will be able to get roof repair from the specialists for those problem areas before they worsen and require a replacement. When you take good care of your roof, it has the potential to last for many decades, so do what you can to increase its longevity.

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