Important Things to Consider With Your Roof Coating

You know that you need to have a quality roof, and that a huge part of that is the roof coating that you use for residential and commercial buildings alike. However, trying to determine exactly what coating you should be using can be difficult given all of the options on the market. When you are choosing a coating, you have to make sure that you consider a number of things before actually buying. This will help ensure you are getting the right coating for your roof.

What Is Your Roof Like?

Your roof is not necessarily like those of your neighbors, and that means that you can’t simply choose the same roof coating that they use. One of the things you need to think about is the current condition of your roof. Is it ready for a coating right now, or does it have some issues that will need repairing first. You also need to think about the slope of the roof. For example, an EPDM roof coating is fantastic for no slope and low slope roofs.

However, it wouldn’t be a good option for a roof with a huge peak. Consider your location as well. If you are in an area where it is hot through much of the year, then choosing a white coating will help to deflect some of the sun’s rays so you can spend less on air conditioning. Those who are in cooler areas that get snow might want to choose a black coating so it can actually absorb more of the sun. The type of roof you have will play a huge role in the coating you choose, so do not overlook it.

Learn More About Coating Options

As we mentioned, when you first start to look at the roof coating options, it can be overwhelming. Instead of looking at all of the brands, break down the types of coatings. Polyurethane, silicone, PVDF, and acrylic coatings are available. Some are better options for your type of roof than others. Take the time to look into each of these options to see which ones will work the best for your type of roof, and then you can start to look at the different brands that are available.

Consider Working With a Professional

Even with some additional guidance from this article, there is still a chance that you are undecided about the best roof coating option for your particular roof. That’s normal, and thankfully, you can talk with some roofing specialists who will be able to let you know the pros and cons of different systems and who can help you with your decision. You will have a better understanding of exactly what your roof needs, as well as how much it will all cost.

Never simply go with the first option you see or repeat what your neighbors have done. Always make an effort to understand the coatings and then you will make a much better choice. With a great coating, it can greatly extend the life of your roof.

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