Use EPDM Roofing Solutions for a Great Result

EPDM is a specific type of rubber that has become very popular for its many uses and practically unrivaled durability. Both of these features are two of the main reasons so many people have used ethylene propylene diene monomer for their roofing needs. Though it’s usually used for commercial applications, this rubber could potentially be used on your home as well. Recreational vehicles often benefit from this type of rubber on their roofs too. Whatever the case, if you’re in the market for a roof system, think about the following features of EPDM.

Extreme Durability

Like we mentioned at the beginning, one of the reasons EPDM has received so much acclaim from all over the world is simply because of its durability. All rubber is usually known for being fairly tough, but EPDM takes this to another level. With one application, you can usually look forward to decades of protection on your roof.

Easy Repairs

That’s not to say that EPDM roofing solutions are bulletproof, so to speak. Freak accidents can happen, which could leave your roof vulnerable. In that case, you’ll be glad to know that EPDM roofs are extremely easy to repair. Unlike shingles and other options, repairing EPDM takes very little actual work. For the most part, another layer of the liquid rubber will be laid over where the roof was compromised and everything will be fine by the next day.
It should also be mentioned that EPDM is easily maintained as well. No matter how great a roof looks or how many benefits it claims, if you have to constantly go up there to look after it, you’ll soon wish you had gone with something else. It may also be risky to do so. Paying someone to handle this chore also won’t be a lot of fun. With EPDM roofing system, it takes little more than a mild cleaning from time to time.

Immune to Harsh Climates

Again, though, EPDM roofing solutions shouldn’t need any major repairs for 20 or 30 years. This includes the type of extreme abuse that can often be thrown at roofs by harsh climates. EPDM has been tested at both sides of the spectrum, sides no normal climate will ever be able to reproduce.
No matter where you live, it’s unlikely temperatures will ever get down to negative 40 Fahrenheit for very long. Likewise, nowhere on the planet sees temperatures that hit 300 Fahrenheit. Yet, should this happen, rest assured EPDM won’t have a problem dealing with these extremes.

Cut Your Electric Bill

The seal provided by an EPDM roofing system is so tight that you’ll notice the difference in your utility bills. That’s because many buildings lose heat that escapes through the roof. Heat from the sun can also push the temperature in a building up, forcing you to pump more A/C in just to stay comfortable. Fortunately, an EPDM roof will keep your hot air in and the sun’s rays out.
While you have a number of options that may seem to make sense, none are going to do as good a job as an EPDM roof.

EPDM Roofing Solutions Bring a Lot to the Table

It should go without saying that protecting your roof needs to be a priority. Obviously, a lot of people agree, which is why you won’t have a hard time finding any number of ways for doing so. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a burden, if you’re new to the market. You may very easily pick a solution that ends up doing more harm than good, costing you even more money in the process. Fortunately, once you understand about EPDM roofing solutions, all the other options will fall by the wayside. EPDM simply offers too many advantages to be ignored.

Works in Almost Every Climate

One thing you absolutely have to take into consideration when you’re choosing a roofing system is the climate you live in. You can’t switch your roof out every season, so you need a system that is going to hold up no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. The great thing about EPDM roofing systems is that they’ve proven, time and time again, that they can manage in just about any environment under the sun.
EPDM has been tested at temperatures that have gone down to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit without any problems. Literally, the material didn’t crack, warp or in any way weaken. It would take something like a tornado for EPDM to finally compromise.
Even if you were to somehow end up in 300 degree Fahrenheit weather, EPDM would keep your home safe and insulated.


Despite its near-supernatural abilities, EPDM roofing solutions are extremely affordable, especially when you compare them to other high-end options. You could spend a lot more and get a lot less, that’s for sure.
Aside from the obvious upfront savings, it’s also important to note that EPDM is great for energy efficiency. Due to how efficient a seal it provides, the roof of your home or building won’t be allowing any heat out the top of it, as is often a problem. The money you spend on heat could literally be evaporating before your very eyes. At the same time, this same ability means that EPDM is great for holding in cold air too. In the end, you’ll spend less on utilities and shrink your carbon footprint too.

Easy to Maintain

Another thing to love about EPDM roofing is how easy it is to maintain. Obviously, nobody wants a high-maintenance solution for anything in their home or commercial. However, it can be especially difficult when your roof needs constant looking after. For one thing, you don’t want to be going up there every few weeks or even months; it could be dangerous. You also don’t want to have to live with the fact that if you aren’t constantly maintaining your roof, it will soon begin leaking or otherwise not holding up like it should.
For all these reasons and many, many more, you should invest in EPDM roofing systems. They don’t cost much to install, cost even less to maintain and will save you money for as long as you keep it installed.