Why You Should Use Liquid Rubber in Your Home

If you’re a homeowner, you’re most likely never at a loss for products to use in and on your house. Of course, not all of them are worth the price, both in terms of money and time. Now and then, though, you might stumble on a product that actually lives up to its promise. Liquid EPDM is definitely a good example of this type of product. The liquid rubber is something that just about every homeowner can benefit from.

What Is Liquid EPDM

EPDM is one of the most widely used forms of commercial rubber on the planet. The acronym stands for “Ethylene, Propylene, Diene” these three chemicals combine to make this rubber, which is then designated with an M, for “M-class.”

While EPDM can be applied as an almost-fabric like material that comes off a roll, the liquid rubber version is especially popular for how easily it can be applied to just about any type of surface. If you’re a homeowner, you should know about the different ways this form of liquid rubber can benefit you

In the Garage

Your garage floor sustains all kinds of abuse. Even though it’s most likely made of concrete, chances are that it’s showing some wear and tear from years of service. Between the vehicles you drive over it, the foot traffic that it takes on and the various weather conditions it must put up with, your garage floor doesn’t stand much of a chance at all.

This is why liquid rubber is such a great way to take care of it. You can cover the concrete with liquid EPDM and, once it dries, rest assured that your floor will be able to handle even more abuse in the years to come, without ever being any worse for wear.

On the Patio

For much the same reason, you should think about how you can use EPDM on your patio too. Obviously, your patio probably gets a fair amount of foot traffic, but think about how much rain and sunlight it’s subjected to. If you live in the north, you can add snow to that list as well. Just like a liquid rubber floor coating will work wonders in your garage, it can do the same on a patio.

Mobile Homes

Your actual home isn’t the only one that will benefit from using liquid rubber. If you enjoy using a mobile home throughout the year, you’ll definitely want to outfit its roof in EPDM. You can handle the project all on your own, without spending much and, in return, you’ll get a mobile home that will remain leak free no matter where you decide to take it on your next vacation.

Keep in mind that, you can also use EPDM to repair leaks in your mobile home too, so it’s not a bad idea to keep some on hand during every trip.

Whether you need a liquid rubber floor coating or want to protect your roof from the abuse it goes through, EPDM is a great product that provides the absolute best results.

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