Why the Best Roof Is Made from Liquid

When you think of your options for a quality roof, you probably go through a lot of the old standbys. There are traditional shingles, for example. Metal roofs have a lot to offer too. Then there are countless other materials in between, with more seemingly being introduced every single day. However, you might be surprised to find out that your best option is actually a liquid roof.

Introducing EPDM

Whole treatises have been written on the powerful rubber known as EPDM. These initials stand for the ethylene, propylene and diene that combine to make the material and the type of rubber it is (M class).

EPDM is one of the most widely used synthetic rubbers in the entire world and shows no signs of ever letting go of this distinction. Each year, researchers are finding more and more ways to use EPDM for ever greater purposes. Despite its rapid improvement, EPDM is still a relatively environmentally-friendly product.

In its liquid form, it can be applied and left to cure so that a synthetic rubber membrane is left behind. This is how a liquid roof is possible.

Get Your Roofing Quickly

Most roofing applications can take weeks before the finished result is finally done. In the meantime, you may not be able to use your building like you’d prefer. Obviously, you also have to pay workers this entire time too.

However, a liquid roof that uses EPDM doesn’t take long to apply at all. The first coat can get put down in a single day and generally just needs a couple more to cure. Meanwhile, you don’t have to change operations in your building at all. Even with a second coat, you’re looking at the entire project being done inside of a week. As you can imagine, this will save you a good deal of money, especially when you consider how affordable the EPDM for a liquid roof is to begin with.

Works in Any Environment

In the past, the type of roof you could consider depended on the climate you lived in. Some roofing applications simply wouldn’t work in various environments. Of course, sometimes you had to pick a very specific application due to the extreme climate your location was sometimes accustomed to.

An EPDM liquid roof works in any extreme though and everything in between. Whether you see months of snowfall or an entire year of direct sunlight, liquid roof coatings will provide you with an ideal solution.

Saves You Money

Speaking of temperatures, your building probably employs a hefty HVAC system to make sure everyone inside stays comfortable during the winter, spring, summer and fall. With a liquid rubber application, you can look forward to seeing your utility bills drop as EPDM is amazing at sealing in your AC and heat. The rubber membrane it forms creates a seal that works in both directions.

Whether you want to use EPDM for liquid roof repair or to prevent problems from occurring before they start, it’s a great choice to make. You get one of the best roofs possible without all the hassle you might expect.

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