How Liquid Rubber Can Save Your Roof

Though it doesn’t always get the most attention, few components of a building are as important as its roof. You may ignore that fact at your own risk. Unfortunately, appreciating this truth the hard way may mean expensive repairs from where a leak occurred. That’s why you should be using liquid rubber to safeguard the interior of your home or business.

What Is Liquid Rubber?

Liquid roof solutions have been popular for some time now. These almost always refer to liquid rubber, which in turn almost always refers to liquid EPDM. This acronym stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. It’s a type of synthetic rubber that can be applied as a liquid roof solution, whether to bolster its strength or repair a leak or hole. In fact, liquid roof repair products have become some of the most popular on the market.


One of the reasons liquid rubber has become such a favorite in the industry is because of how long it will last. Apply a liquid roof solution to your building and chances are that you won’t need to address it again (or at least the area you applied it to) for 20 years. Many companies even offer warranties on their liquid rubber roofing products that can last for as long as thirty years—good luck finding anything to rival that!


It probably goes without saying, but the reason your liquid EPDM roof will last for so long is because it’s practically impenetrable and immune to adverse weather conditions. Unless your structure gets hit by a tornado, the interior should be just fine.

EPDM has been tested in conditions where the temperature was as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit and wouldn’t compromise. So unless you plan on sending your liquid roof right into the sun, you should be fine. This liquid rubber floor coating also stood up to -40 degree Fahrenheit conditions.

Easy to Repair

Over the course of decades spent protecting your roof, your EPDM may need to be repaired once or twice. Fortunately, liquid EPDM roof repair is incredibly easy to carry out. You literally just use the same materials and apply a new layer to the section where help is needed. Now your roof is as good as new and ready to brave year-round conditions without letting up.


Despite the many ways liquid rubber can help your roof, it won’t hurt your budget. Even though it can outperform just about any other option on the market, you’ll find that it’s much more affordable than many of them. Along with being cheap, the liquid roof material is also very affordable to install, whether you handle it yourself or pay someone else to. That’s because liquid EPDM is stable, clean and doesn’t need much in the way of equipment in order to get applied.

So whether your building needs help or you’re in the market for liquid roof RV repair, always remember EPDM. Nothing works as well and the liquid version is affordable and easy to install.

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