Knowing EPDM Rubber Sheets in Detail

EPDM sheets are among the most vibrant kinds of rubber sheets and also quite suitable for different sorts of outdoor applications. Because of their efficiency and the varying temperature ranges, EPDM sheets are frequently used in construction, general industry, outdoor applications and marine.

You can use EPDM rubber sheets in cold-room doors because they serve as an insulator. In addition to this, EPDM rubber sheets can also be used in radiators, glass-run channels, washers, pond liners, tubing and so on. EPDM rubber sheets are also used as a water resistant medium in roofing membranes, plastic impact modification, vulcanizates etc.

Among the most common uses of EPDM rubber sheets are its pivotal use in vehicles at places such as door seals, trunk seals, window seals and hood seals. Because of the presence of EPDM rubber Sheets, they create noise when the movement of the door takes place against the car body. Due to the friction between the mating surface and EPDM rubber, noise is created. To reduce this noise, some manufacturers recommend a little use of silicone dielectric grease as well. Some other uses of EPDM rubber in vehicles are thermostats, heaters, radiators, cooling system hoses and so on.

EPDM systems have a remarkable operating temperature range which is from -45°C to +1 20°C. These systems are most frequently recommended for outdoor uses because of the reason they are quite resistant to ozone, U.V., rays, and oxidation. Also know that EPDM may not always be very good oil resistant and it may not possess efficient adhesive properties. It is due to the fact that EPDM systems are resistant to solvents, and corrosive chemicals, EPDM systems are used for roofing sheets. The overall performance of EPDM sheets has been observed to be much better under high pressure steam and in hot water than their performance in dry heat. Though lacking in adhesion properties, these sheets are well known for excellent performance under all sorts of weather conditions and environments. EPDM systems are excellently resistant to polar substances and exhibit satisfactory electrical insulating properties. In combination with this, EPDM is also resistant to alkalines, ordinary diluted acids and ketones.

Due to the versatility and long-term performance of EPDM sheets, their application is more frequent than you would have noticed. It is also because of the easy availability that they can be seen at both large industry levels and at limited domestic and individual level use.

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