EPDM Coatings: The Solution to Roof Leaks

Every homeowner dreads the prospect of a leaking roof. Not only are roof leaks a nuisance, but they can be quite costly to repair and can seriously damage your home. Therefore, it is always better to preform roof leaks repairs sooner rather than later. If you notice rip or tear in your roof, don’t wait to address the problem.

Luckily, there is an easy answer to roof leaks repair: EPDM coatings. Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monome, often abbreviated as EPDM, is a type of liquid rubber. An elastomer, it is renowned for it’s durability, able to withstand extreme temperatures and prolonged exposure to UV rays. It is also 100% waterproof immediately upon application, making it ideal for roof leaks.

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Debris on the roof is a very common cause of roof leaks. When moss, pine needles, leaves, and tree branches accumulate on the roof, it slows down water flow. Consequently, water stays on the roof longer and the roof is more apt to absorb it, causing leaks.

Typically, however, there is no singular cause of roof leaks. Rather, over time a variety of factors in conjunction can erode your roof, making it more susceptible to leaks. These factors are very often weather related. For example, sun and UV-rays can wear heavily on your roof, especially if you live in a sunny climate. This degrades the roof shingles overtime, making the roof more susceptible to leaks. Heavy wind can also cause roof leaks; extreme winds over an extended period of time can actually pull shingles off, leaving the roof prone to water damage. Heavy rain and snow can also do damage. In the winter, it is particularly important to watch for snow build-up and ice caps on your roof to minimize potential damage.

EPDM Roof Leaks Repair

Really, the best option for roof leaks repair is an EPDM coating. The coating is quite easy to apply; you only need to combine the mixture with the catalyst. Once ready, you can apply it your roof using a brush or roller. It is 100% waterproof immediately upon application and will fully cure in about a week. Ideally, you don’t want to wait until you have a leak to add an EPDM coating to your roof. EPDM coatings can be a great way to protect your roof from the external elements and prolong its lifespan, greatly reducing the necessity of roof leaks repairs.

EPDM Roofing Application and Benefits

With more than 40 years of successful field performance, EPDM has become the primary roofing material of choice among building owners, contractors builders and homeowners. Longevity, durability, sturdiness, reduced life cycle costs, high resistance to extreme weather conditions are a few important factors that make EPDM a suitable roofing solution for flat and low slope roofs. If you’re still wondering why EPDM roof is the best choice for your home or office, take a glance at the following benefits.

• Material Benefits

One of the important features an EPDM roof possesses is the ability to retain its physical characteristics throughout its service life. EPDM roof is proven to exhibit a very high degree of stability under different conditions of exposure to UV rays, ozone, as well as both high and low temperatures. It can elongate more than 300% to adapt structural changes and movements. Properly installed EPDM roof can also eliminate potential moisture issues and thermal short circuits. Apart from residential projects, EPDM is used for industries as well – thanks to its high resistance against various acids and chemicals.

• Design and Application Benefits

Architectural acceptance of EPDM rubber as the best roofing material is one of the major reasons for its success in the roofing industry. The EPDM roofs are light in weight and easy to install. The flexibility in application methods is an important factor for roof designers since they’re able to design EPDM roof of any shape, height, and slope. With three different application methods and two membrane color options, there’s an EPDM roof for everyone’s choice.
Since EPDM roof is easy to install, the roofing contractor labor cost is considerably lesser when compared to other roofing systems. EDPM roofs have long term warranties and could be installed easily over the existing roofing system. This makes them a suitable choice for re-roofing projects. Moreover, they offer easy maintenance, easy repair options as well as lesser annualized cost.

• Environmental Benefits

A recent Life Cycle Assessment study (2010) showed that EPDM rubber perform better than other roofing materials like bitumen- based membranes in major areas like acidification, smoke generation, and more importantly global warming. Also, EPDM is bio-degradable and can be reused or melted down during repair or replacement. It can also save energy significantly with addition insulation.

To avoid costly problems and get top quality work at an affordable price, have your EPDM roof installation completed by professional and experienced crew from EPDM Coatings. From RVs and motor homes to office buildings and hospitals, EPDM Coatings has a roofing solution that’s right for you.