Elastomeric Roof Coatings are Designed for Many Benefits

The use of EPDM is something that has become common in the last twenty-five years as more people have begun to discover the benefits of elastomeric roof coatings. It’s especially important considering the ways how it has been designed over the years for all kinds of functions.
EPDM was designed in the 1960s as a material that includes ethylene, propylene and diene monomers, hence the name it got. It was designed as a material that can be cured through heat to make sure its structure is consistent and that it will not wear or bend as easily as other roofing surfaces might.

The EPDM surface was originally used as a coating for mobile homes but it has evolved to become a coating for flat roofing surfaces on commercial buildings as well as outdoor decks. It has even become a staple on many traditional roofing surfaces in that it features a series of thick and strong polymers all designed to keep a roof protected.

In fact, elastomeric roof coatings come quite a way from the older materials people used to have on their homes. The days of sticking with traditional shingles or clay are still around but the option to go with EPDM has become something that is making people think a little differently about what they want to go along with.

The big point about this liquid coating is its ability to reflect heat. It is capable of keeping the inside of a building cool and has even received an Energy Star qualification for its ability to protect the inside of a home. The certification comes from how the user will be capable of preventing the property from dealing with too much heat at a given time, thus keeping the cost of air conditioning down during the hot summer months.

In fact, this reflective nature of the coating will be consistent no matter how long the coating is exposed to the sun. It will continue to operate without suffering from elongation or other problems that often get in the way of some roofing surfaces. This makes it easier for the surface to stay strong and intact for a while. The sun’s rays actually make it stronger after a while so it will continue to feel active.

It’s best to go with a white elastomeric roof coating when it comes to reflective properties. The fact is that a roof with a white coating is more likely to reflect the sun’s rays than others. Still, every color will work out just fine when it comes to keeping a space cool.

The surface is also non-flammable and will not be hurt or ignited due to any intense heat that comes around. It will not be likely to peel off after a while either. This means that the surface will be safe and the VOC content will be extremely low.

This low VOC content also makes it so the material will not be likely to create a substantial amount of fumes over time. This is a benefit that is needed because fumes can easily move into the environment and cause breathing difficulties. It might also be tough on the person who is busy installing the surface over a certain area.

The use of such a coating is a huge part of what makes it so different from the other choices on the market. An elastomeric roof coating can particularly be used to protect just about any kind of roofing surface one might have. It can be used on wood, copper, PVC and metal surfaces.

It can also be used in places where the natural environment is relatively comfortable. This should be applied at conditions of 42 degrees Fahrenheit or greater while the surface that is being treated is at a condition of 120 degrees or less. These are the only real limits for use but the substance will continue to function even after something is added to its surface.

An elastomeric roof coating will be a useful option to have for any kind of surface that one wants to install a roof onto. This coating is made with a substance that includes the right elastic polymers and can be used to keep light off of a property. It will make it easier for anyone to have a cooler and more comfortable home.

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